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We believe world peace has been in the hands of too few for too long, and that, for millennia, the world has paid for its wars and other forms of violence in needless loss of life, misallocation and depletion of resources, and failed opportunities to achieve peaceful coexistence.

We believe the most direct path to world peace is from the bottom up, and that peace begins with each one of us. We believe peace efforts without a moral foundation are short-lived, and that a more informed world citizenry will possess the moral compass needed to point the way to sustainable world peace.

Today, for the first time in history, powerful Internet technology makes dialogue possible between ordinary people on a worldwide basis. We believe such dialogue will eventually become a new pathway to world peace, and that ordinary people over time will, together, strongly influence how world peace is to be accomplished and maintained. 

The editors at PWPP post articles and other content on to acknowledge people who are working toward the betterment of the world around them. These are the builders of the bridges to world peace; the ones who are discovering and implementing solutions to the greatest challenges facing humankind. PWPP members are invited to extend the dialogue.

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