WILPF Supports Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions for Israel

The situation in the West Bank and Gaza has become so dire in the last two years that the majority of Israeli peace groups now support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS). This includes the Israeli section of WILPF. BDS is a global campaign aimed at bringing an end to Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestinian lands. Contrary to what many defenders of Israel would have you believe, the campaign is not intended to destroy Israel. Its aim is to end the Occupation.

In order to accomplish this, various groups have targeted specific companies that further the Occupation. At its recent International Board meeting in India, a WILPF resolution regarding BDS was passed and is now a part of WILPF’s international program, which each section will implement in its own way.  [Read the resolution at: http://www.wilpf.int.ch/resolutions/2010.html ]  

The U.S. Section’s Middle East Committee has been in support of the BDS campaign, as led by other organizations, for quite some time. WILPF is calling for specific companies to be boycotted. In addition, the U.S. Middle East Committee is also looking at whether to target a specific company ourselves since our research has uncovered several additional U.S. companies involved in furthering the Occupation. The committee is also calling for branches to submit mini-grant proposals to create our own BDS campaigns

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Photo Credit: Kalandia check point on Israel’s separation barrier in Palestine’s West Bank.


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