Tropical Storm in Central America Hits Multiple Countries

Tropical Storm Agatha has torn through multiple Central American countries, including El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Storms have caused serious flooding and mudslides, affecting several World Vision communities. We are responding to the needs of those affected in these four countries. Updates are provided below.

Rains are expected to continue throughout this week, complicating clean-up and recovery efforts from the storm. World Vision is evacuating families in eight of its communities and will take them to an emergency shelter. Staff members are also providing emergency supplies, like blankets and food, to those in need. In addition, electricity is out in several affected communities, including San Raymundo.

World Vision’s emergency assessment in the communities where we operate has found the following: 260 people affected, 105 houses damaged, and 150 people evacuated to safer areas. Our emergency team is responding to four communities hit hardest by the storm. The team is coordinating with the World Food Program to provide emergency food supplies to families in need.

World Vision’s emergency team reports that several communities have flooded and some are inaccessible because of mudslides. In addition, at least 180 people in the communities where World Vision works have been evacuated. World Vision has distributed clothing to those in need and is working with the Ministry of Health to coordinate medical care for the injured.

El Salvador
The government here is reporting more than 8,000 people have been evacuated from their homes. Our emergency team is currently in the field, conducting a rapid assessment to determine the needs of the affected communities. Preliminary reports from local staff say that access to some communities is difficult because of mudslides, fallen trees, and flooding. Some families in high-risk communities have been evacuated.



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