Sea Turtles and Oil Don't Mix

Three months of the BP drilling disaster have resulted in a total of 708 sea turtles collected by the Unified Command from Florida to Louisiana. 477 found dead on beaches, 17 found dead at sea. There are 207 sea turtles in rehabilitation centers around the Gulf. The good news is, the survival rate in rehab is very high.

There is something about a sea turtle that brings a smile to your face. Seeing one swim in an aquarium is mesmerizing. Seeing one from a boat is exciting. Watching one lay eggs on a beach is a cherished memory that you often share with others. To learn more and actually track satellite-tagged turtles and whales you can visit the Texas A & M University project and the Padre Island National Seashore project. There are currently 11 turtles from Florida to Texas with satellite uplinks that report their positions daily. Of these, 5 are in the oil affected area.

Sixty-one dead beached dolphins found, 5 others rescued live, 3 of which subsequently died.

One dead sperm whale was found near the Deepwater Horizon.

These are only the numbers of animals found, the number of turtles, dolphins, and whales that died and sank will never be known. It is impossible to guess.

The penalty for killing an endangered species is up to $10,000 fine and 1 year in jail for each animal.




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