People of Appalachia

The roots of traditional Appalachian culture reach back over 200 years. The region is famous for its old-time music and folktales, split rail fences and log cabins, patchwork quilts, gourd dippers, cider and moonshine. Appalachians are a generous, hospitable, earnest and down-to-earth people and fiercely loyal to their families, communities and to the nation.

Appalachians, having been shaped by the rugged terrain, have a strong bond with the land and in turn have shaped American culture.

Appalachians are renowned for their strong work ethic and the region itself is characterized by yeoman farms, textile mills and coal mines, all which have contributed greatly to this country’s success.

The Threats

Folks in Appalachian have endured practices which have extracted immense wealth from their region, while leaving communities and environments in disrepair.

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