People in Action: Spreading the Plan B Vision

This year has been filled with catastrophic environmental events in all parts of the world. The Russian heat wave, the Pakistan flood, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Haiti earthquake, and the break off from the Petermann Glacier were all events that gave the world a major jolt. The opportunities for action to address the urgency of our failing civilization have not been more numerous, and people all over the world have heeded the call. 

Each year, Earth Policy Institute (EPI) receives hundreds of letters and e-mails from people who are inspired by our work and are eager to help in building a sustainable future. They have reached out to their communities, co-workers and peers, religious groups, and elected officials to address the mounting pressures on our global environment. Like EPI President Lester Brown says, “Saving civilization is not a spectator sport.” The level of dedication we have seen from people proves this. EPI would like to highlight some of the people from around the world who have mobilized to encourage political, environmental, and social change.

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