Peace One Day's New Film

Of everything I do, filmmaking is the most familiar and most essential to who I am as an artist and an activist. So it’s a great feeling to be back in the editing room, putting the finishing touches on our new film, Peace One Day – Part 3.

This installment chronicles the struggle to institutionalise Peace Day. That is our goal – that is the mountain we have to climb – and we have thousands of hours of stunning footage with which to tell that story.

I’m honoured to be joined in this project by my friend, and Partner in Peace, Jude Law. In addition to co-producing the film, he will appear in it too – which reflects his increasing contributions to our cause. Ahmed Fawzi also features in Peace One Day ¬- Part 3, and if you’ve seen our previous films, you’ll recognize him: he has been both realist and believer, a source of advice and constructive criticism, throughout POD’s history.

Jude and Ahmed will be joined on-screen by a typically diverse group of individuals, including Lenny Kravitz, the former President of Colombia, and various statisticians and policymakers, all of whom have been instrumental in our push toward institutionalisation.

And I must say that this film, more than any of the others, lays out a vision for where we need to go next to achieve our goals. I look forward to sharing that vision with all of you through Peace One Day – Part 3. BBC World will broadcast it on 17 and 18 September, 2010 in the build-up to Peace Day.

Please set aside the time to watch it and, until then, show your commitment to our cause by completing the 3 steps to Peace One Day:

1. Decide what you will do to make peace on September 21, at school, at home or in your local community;
2. Log your Peace Day commitment at;
3. Tell others around the world and ask them to complete the Three Steps to Peace One Day.

In Peace,
Jeremy Gilley



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