News and Press Freedom Organizations Stand Up for Real Net Neutrality

Newspapers and other forms of media are an integral part of a healthy democracy — which is why these groups decided to take a stand against FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal to allow discrimination online. Allowing a two-tiered Internet would create a Web where the content providers with the most money and power would be the most visible. Without Net Neutrality, we would no longer have unfettered access to news and information.

As the Internet and related technology have become an essential part of our lives, journalism has made the shift online. According to the Pew Research Center, half of all Americans now rely on the Internet as their main source of both national and international news. The free flow of information the open Internet enables allows us to access the pressing news stories of our time. And the Internet has given news organizations more tools to hold those in power accountable.

The Internet has changed not just how we access media but also how we consume it. News outlets can offer video interviews, stunning visual images and interactive websites to accompany their reporting. There is a level of engagement and immersion available to audiences that traditional print cannot facilitate.

The ability to access news online has also increased interaction with others. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook have created infinite hubs within communities that foster conversations about the world around us. This dynamic creates opportunities to learn not just from media outlets but from each other

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