Leader Needed to Get New U.S. Hunger Program off the Ground

during the release of the plan for the U.S. government’s new global hunger and food security initiative: "President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton are mobilizing an international effort to reduce world hunger, mainly by helping poor farmers around the world increase their food production. Their program is well-designed, with an explicit focus on reducing malnutrition. It is promoting a coordinated international response to local needs.

"But to get the program moving, they need to be clear about who is in charge. USAID is our main agency for international development, and the head of USAID should be given unambiguous authority to drive this urgent initiative.

"In addition, Congress needs to approve the president’s budget request for international affairs. President Obama has convinced other countries to provide most of the needed funding for this initiative, but Congress must do its part to maintain U.S. leadership of this international effort to open opportunity to poor farmers and reduce world hunger."

Bread for the World is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end hunger at home and abroad.


Photo Credit: Barack Obama Inauguration Platform, Washington D.C. by Jett Loe


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