Groups Work to Change the LDA

Reportedly, the American League of Lobbyists is working with the Sunlight Foundation to change the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA). Once again Tom Daschle is the poster child for why such reform is needed. "Daschle, working with his firm’s lobbyists, uses his decades of congressional experience to tell clients how to favorably influence policy. But Daschle insists, ‘I do not lobby.’" Dave Wenhold, president of the American League of Lobbyists said, "I don’t care if you call it a rainmaker or a strategic adviser, if you’re talking to a lawmaker about any issue or anything you’re lobbying."

The LDA requires registration if more than one lobbying contact is made, more than 20 percent of one’s time is spent lobbying and have more than $11,500 in expenses or $3,000 in income from lobbying per quarter. POLITICO reports that the Sunlight Foundation "is proposing to eliminate the 20 percent rule and to lower the thresholds to $5,000 in expenses or $2,500 in income per quarter."

The article identified about a half-dozen people who are not registered, but "whose job descriptions put them in the heart of D.C.’s influence business."




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