Empowering Women Through a Women’s Summit

An exciting new African Sky/Peace Corps initiative for women and their young/adult daughters from various villages In the Markala, Segou region of Mali, West Africa.

The goal of the Summit is to bring women of various ages together to be empowered by each other and to gain knowledge in health and sanitation, skills in income generation.

Offered in their native Bambara-language, topics include:

  • Personal and family health
  • Successful project plans
  • Budgets
  • Sustainability
  • Moringa trees
  • Idea development

Each participant will receive seed money for a project they will be responsible to implement and report on, with the aim of leadership at next years summit. They will also receive Morniga seeds for their village.

The Summit will be hosted by two successful women’s groups: Muso Jigi is an organization that grew from a couple ladies coming together to grow and dry foodstuffs such as sun-dried tomatoes, onions and make juice concentrates, they sell at local markets. They also sew clothing and buy grain, to sell at a small profit during the dry season to help pay for future crops, while mentoring younger women in these skills.

ABEF, which meets regularly and together shell, roast and de-hull the peanuts and then have ground at the village’s mill to make peanut butter. They use it for their families and sell it at a local market. It is very popular and usually ABEF has orders that sell them out before it is made.


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