"Deadliest Predator" Hits Outdoor Retailer Show

As 20,000 outdoor retailers gather in Salt Lake City on August 3 for the first day of their annual trade show, Africa’s deadliest predator will be equally busy as it stalks and kills 2,000 children in geographically distant regions.

Humanitarian agency World Vision and its partner Insect Shield are urging attendees at this year’s Outdoor Retailer Show to visit the “Africa’s Deadliest Predators” exhibit and participate in a corporate cause campaign to end malaria.

The deadliest predator

Transmitted by mosquitoes, malaria kills nearly a million people every year – 85 percent of them children under age 5. That’s one child every 40 seconds, making malaria the fourth-leading cause of death for children under 5 worldwide. In Africa, malaria is one of the top two killers of children. The most effective solution? Insecticide-treated bed nets that cost less than $10 each.

Building a movement to end malaria

Through the End Malaria campaign, World Vision and a growing list of partners, including governments, corporations, other humanitarian groups, and a national grassroots constituency, aim to contribute to a 75 percent reduction in malaria cases and near-zero malaria deaths by 2015.

“Eliminating malaria globally is achievable. It is something that we can do in our lifetime,” says World Vision VP of Advocacy Joe Mettimano. “We are asking the outdoor retail industry to consider getting behind this cause and be the ‘corporate muscle’ to help end malaria for everyone, everywhere.”

How retailers can join the cause

At the Africa’s Deadliest Predators exhibit (booth #60080), visitors can donate to provide high-tech bed nets and Insect Shield-treated African cloth kangas to vulnerable women and children in malaria-endemic countries. Every $10 donation provides one bed net and one kanga.

Operational in nearly 100 countries, World Vision’s “boots on the ground” distribution channels ensure that these products get into the hands of those in greatest need. Additionally, World Vision’s extensive local volunteer caregiver network assures that bed nets are being installed and used correctly for maximum effectiveness. Thanks to the partnership with Insect Shield, known for their first-ever EPA-registered insect-repellent apparel technology, World Vision can also distribute insecticide-treated cloth kangas in villages and communities where people are displaced by disaster or poverty and unable to hang bed nets.

With innovative retail promotions, brand partnerships, and cause marketing campaigns, End Malaria is a cause outdoor retail customers will care about. While the industry is focused on cutting-edge technology, performance, and protection, thousands of children die each day for lack of an inexpensive bed net. And while mosquitoes are simply a nuisance to outdoor enthusiasts in the developed world, they are a deadly predator in developing countries.

Stop by booth #60080 to:

  • Experience the Africa’s Deadliest Predators exhibit, an eye-opening display that brings the End Malaria campaign to life.
  • Talk to a representative about mosquito-themed POP promotions, product hangtags, co-branded products, event promotions, and more.
  • Take away a digital press or corporate/retailer/brand engagement toolkit.

The Outdoor Retailer Show is the world’s largest outdoor sports industry gathering in the world, bringing retailers and media together with over 1,000 brands in the business of producing and selling the active outdoor lifestyle.

Insect Shield introduced the first EPA-registered insect-repellent apparel. Insect Shield technology has the potential to be an important tool in the battle against insect-borne diseases and improve the health of people worldwide. In partnership with a number of agencies and international relief organizations, Insect Shield technology is being used for apparel and other items that people use daily to aid in protection against insects.




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