Collaboration Helps to Increase Use of Solar Power

Collaborative solar purchasing brings buyers together to reduce the costs of solar energy.

With its stable pricing and strong generation during high-consumption hours, companies and government agencies are increasingly turning to solar power to meet their environmental targets. Yet for organizations with little experience in purchasing solar power, the process can be complicated and seem prohibitively expensive.

That’s why WRI is piloting collaborative solar purchasing initiatives, in partnership with the Joint Venture: Silicon Valley Network and Optony Inc. These regional collaboratives will bring interested solar users together to increase demand and lower transaction costs.

Solar Opportunities on the Rise

Solar photovoltaic (PV) electricity can be an attractive option for companies and government agencies to shift to a reliable, renewable electricity source:

                The recent Executive Order 13514, requiring federal agencies to reduce their GHG emissions by 28% by 2020 (below a 2008 baseline), provides more motivation to explore solar installation.

                On the corporate side, voluntary climate commitments continue to grow and leading companies are installing ever larger solar systems. Many organizations have found that their large roofs (atop commercial buildings, warehouses, government offices, military bases, schools, etc.) are ideal locations for installing solar, and more efficient than solar on individual homes.

                Solar companies are using power purchase agreement (PPA) to win customers by charging them for each unit (kilowatt-hour) of electricity rather than the whole system upfront.

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