Attacks in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa, July 23, 2010 World Vision South Africa is providing emergency food and blankets to those families who have been displaced in South Africa following attacks on foreign nationals throughout the country. Approximately 250 people fled their homes and are currently staying at a camp outside Cape Town. World Vision also held a meeting with the Congress of South African Christian Churches last Sunday in Johannesburg to mobilize churches to advocate against these attacks.

When World Vision’s assessment team visited the camp, the families said they needed emergency assistance, including items like food, mattresses, toiletries, blankets, and warm clothing for the children. World Vision South Africa is working with its staff in the Mbekweni Area Development Program along with the Department of Social Development to continue providing relief at the camp site.

The xenophobic attacks that swept through South Africa in 2008 left 62 people dead and more than 100,000 displaced. Homes were burnt down and business looted in the violence. National and local leaders, church groups and non-governmental organizations, including World Vision, all pledged to work together to help those in need.




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