Argentina's Embedded Migrants

News coverage of Latin American immigration patterns normally focuses on the movement of migrants from Latin America to the United States. This interpretation overlooks the fact that there are major immigrant communities in many Latin American cities, which continue to receive heavy flows of new settlers. One such city is Buenos Aires. With a number of distinctive immigrant communities, Buenos Aires is home to groups of recent arrivals as well as communities that have been co-existing and integrating for centuries. These groups often maintain a distinct identity within the city, and regularly are the brunt of racially charged expressions and acts of vandalism. Understanding the dynamics of the immigrant communities in Buenos Aires is significant for the greater apprec iation of their personal situation, but it is also a step towards comprehending the shifting mosaic of the growing number of hemisphere residents who are living and working in nations other than their countries of origin.

Argentina has a long history of receiving immigrants from Europe, which makes currently arriving non-European immigrants somewhat unique. Once they have arrived, Immigrants are affected by their legal status as well as factors like race, sex, and class. As the Buenos Aires immigrant pool continues to grow, it is vital to take a look at the conditions under which they are now living and the new opportunities to which they are being given access. Many Argentines are today speaking out, saying that the Argentine government must enforce laws and create systems to ensure livable conditions and protection from discrimination for immigrants.

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