Action Alert: Don’t let Healthcare Activists Go to Jail

What to Do:

* Call the office of Cy Vance, Manhattan District Attorney, to Demand “No new charges for healthcare activists.”
* Ask to speak with Erin Duggan, Communications Director, (212) 335-9400.

What to Say:
“I’m calling because I’m concerned about ADA Eric Kratzville’s decision to re-file charges against healthcare activists Kate Barnhart and Joan Pleune. These activists were already charged, and their cases were dismissed by a judge. The ADA is wasting city resources by pursuing charges against this nonviolent protest. Instead, he should prosecute real criminals, like insurance companies that deny people lifesaving medical treatment. ADA Eric Kratzville should NOT re-file charges against Kate and Joan.”

Background Information:
Last fall, the Mobilization for Health Care for All campaign organized peaceful sit-ins at insurance companies to highlight their deadly practice of putting profits over people and demand Medicare for All. More than 200 activists were arrested in more than 20 cities.

The campaign launched in New York City in September, when 17 healthcare activists were arrested at Aetna’s offices. This was the first of four related protests in New York City that resulted in 49 arrests.

The activists were arrested for “criminal trespass” and “obstructing governmental administration” then spent the night in jail. After repeated court dates over six months, all the activists except Kate Barnhart were eventually offered conditional dismissals. Everyone accepted this offer except for Joan Pleune, who opted to stay in the case in solidarity with Kate. Kate alone was asked to plead guilty to a criminal charge and was offered jail time.

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