Aceneth: Spreading the Seeds of Humanity

Who We Are:

We are a dynamic, flexible, fastpaced media company based out of Miami. We operate as a social enterprise working as social entrepreneurs. Our Ambassadors of Change are committed to advancing social awareness through creative, innovative media platforms.

Cooperation instead of Competition is our business model and we focus on the idea of “doing well by doing good”.

What We Do:

Produce socially impactful films, documentaries, programming, image campaigns, events and more…

Provide consulting services that embody environmental & humanitarian efforts.

Media Planning, Development and Production.

Social Marketing (Online & Offline Viral Strategies).

Use and Incorporate new technologies as a way of promoting “Doing Well by Doing Good”.

Organize and execute projects that create and promote active involvement in civic life.

Use all forms of media to empower changemakers to innovate.

Empower the youth of today to learn about the millennium goals and become the change needed in the world


We aim to be the voice of the millennial generation and advocates of new business models such as Cooperation rather than Competition. Having launched Aceneth LLC in 2009, we are very happy and excited about our progress as well as the current projects


You can always catch Aceneth TV You Tube where we upload all of our behind the scenes in the world of Making Good Things Happen.

Here are some write ups about our partnerships:

Service for Peace (SFP)

FIU Leaders In Practice (FLIP)


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